Nescafé Azera Product Innovation: The Coffee Pod Packaging


Nescafé Azera

The brief which was set required the design of a new product innovation for Nescafé Azera. The aim for the product innovation I designed was to create a concept which encouraged the target audience to consume the product at home or on the go as opposed to in a coffee shop. One aspect that needed to be included in the innovation was something which allowed the consumers to have the coffee shop experience with them at all times. As a result, I created a packaging concept called “The Coffee Pod” which allowed the audience to consume the coffee on the go. It also enabled them to share the beverage with others, thus creating the social excitement that is linked with a coffee shop experience. The “Pod” itself contains a coffee cup container, filled with various Azera flavours, stirrers and napkins. The idea of having two coffee cups to form the container within the pod enables the consumer to easily share the contents with friends, families and partners.